Day 89 – Getting My Staples Out!

March 30, 2011

Yay…I go to the doctor again today and get my staples out!  Calgon here I come!  Take me away!!!  Can’t wait to take a nice hot bubble bath! 

Yesterday I started back on my Digi In Deeper class….the LO below was from lesson 3.  The pictures were taken at Preston’s 3rd birthday party in January.  Click to enlarge the photo.


Day 87 – Good News

March 28, 2011

My niece Melanie sent a text today that she got a job!  Yay for Melanie!  Can’t wait to hear more about the job.  Ok, back to me. lol  I’m on Lesson 4 in my online Photography class….it deals with the focus point of a DSLR.  You can change the settings on a DSLR so that it’s not always centered.  For the photo below….I actually changed that setting so that it would focus on the left side of the photo in Autofocus.  You can also do this manually by pressing the photo taking button, 1/2 way with a centered object, then while still holding the button down 1/2 way…move your camera to the right or left, but not forward or backward, to maintain the focus on the object that was originally centered and then fully press down the photo button.

And in the photo below….I was pleasantly surprised with a little bit of a look called Bokeh.  If you want to see some better examples of Bokeh Photography, just google it.  In my photo….the sunlight shining through the bush in the right hand side of the photo has a lot of blur to it.  That’s the Bokeh look.  Not a great example of it…but I kind of like it anyway!!   Click to enlarge both photos to better see them.

I realize both photos are a bit over-exposed, but it’s not too easy to get around yet…..and I didn’t feel like walking the plant from my kitchen back outside to the front porch today to retake the photos when I saw that they were a bit bright in the white areas of the photos.

Day 85 – Lazy Saturday

March 26, 2011

Today was a lazy day.  I spoke with Amy the other day about giving her a baby shower.  She got back to me today with a date and a sample card so I could try to reproduce the look.  She sent me a link to this invitation from

And this is what I came up with for Amy’s baby shower.  I hand drew the branches and leaves with colored marking pens and scanned that into the computer in opened in Photoshop.  Then I created a brush to make the blue flowers on the branches, put in the text and printed.  I cut the card invitation out and placed it on a brown cardstock and finished off with a ribbon.  I think it needs a darker ribbon though.

Day 84 – PT and Lunch

March 25, 2011

The physical therapist came todeay again and we worked the exercises we worked Tuesday plus a few more.  Boy I’m sore.  That must be good right?  The weather was beautiful again today and Tony needed a haircut….so after my therapy….we got in the car and he went in for a haircut….I waited in the car.  And then we went to Famous Dave’s for lunch.  I could only eat about 1/2 my lunch, and saved the rest for dinner tonight.  The walk to and from the car was good, but I am really tired now.  Little by little I know I’ll get stronger.  Can’t wait until these staples are out….the area where they are  kind of tingles.  It’s wierd!

Day 83 – PT and Dr. Visit

March 24, 2011

Yesterday the in-home physical therapist came to help me with my exercises.  And about 1 hr after he left….I had my first post op appointment at the surgeon’s office.  He said the wound looked good and I don’t have to cover it anymore with sterile bandages.  The staples will come out next Wednesday.  I was pretty tired after the workout and the doctor visit…and forgot to post yesterday.  Nothing much going on here today.  Tony and I made lunch and he works 1:30 to 10:30 pm so won’t be home until around 11:05 pm.  I didn’t sleep that well and woke up this morning a little after 5:00 am….and came out to the LR to sit in my recliner.  I am going to take a nap today to try to catch up on my lost sleep.  Later!

Day 81 – Needed Some Fresh Air!

March 22, 2011

Tony had the day off today….and I needed some fresh air.  So he got me settled in the passenger seat and we drove to the bank, post office, grocery store, and CVS.  I stayed in the car while he ran in and did the foot work.  It has rained her for a couple days and today the sky was blue and there were pretty puffy white clouds scattered here and there and the wind was blowing nice FRESH air!  It was so nice to get out and smell the fresh air.

Tony even helped me out to the backyard to take a picture of some spring flowers!

Then I was exhaused….so I layed on the couch and took a 2 hr. nap!

Day 80 – Feeling a Little Stronger Today

March 21, 2011

I went to bed last night with help from Tony to get my left leg in bed.  Slept a couple hours.  Poor Tony…when he got home from work about 8pm….he had brought a pizza home and ate most of it before bed.  He came to bed with me at 10 pm….and was feeling so sick….with heartburn.  He finally got up at midnight and had to go sit in his recliner in a sitting position as opposed to a laying down position to help alieve his indigestion.  I kept hearing him cough for about a 1/2 hour…and was very worried about him.  I finally got up myself around 1:30 or 2 am…to check on him.  He was feeling good enough to come back to bed. 

I was able to get my left leg up into bed a couple of times this morning….so I know I’m getting stronger.  This morning…I let Tony sleep in until 11 am….to try to catch up on all the hours he has lost the last 4-5 days helping me or waking him in the middle of the night to help me.  I fixed myself oatmeal…with toast.  Made a pitcher of iced tea….which when it was finished….Tony had to put in the refrigerator.  It’s very hard to do using a walker!  By the time Tony left for work at 12:45…I was pretty drained of energy.  So I took a nap for a couple hours…and now I’m back up.  Need to fix myself some dinner….I think it’s going to be a tuna sandwich!  I’ve been craving tuna for some reason. 

So I guess I’m a bit stronger….should be getting stronger everyday.  Just wish this recovery time would go by faster!  My butt is getting tired of being sit on!!!  lol