Day 59 – Another Lazy Day at the Beach!

February 28, 2011

This is day 3 at the beach….and our car hasn’t moved from its parking spot since we arrived on Saturday afternoon. Tony and I have enjoyed doing just as little as possible!  Today we went up to the rooftop deck again and barbequed filet mignon steaks for lunch. Here is Tony relaxing in the chair watching Fox News while I was tending to the steaks.

Here is my lunch plate….I cooked baked potatoes to go with the steak…I cooked those in the microwave oven. I used some of the pimento cheese dip I bought for crackers in my potato…and a little bit of Cesar salad dressing.  I forgot to bring butter. Tony finished off the baked beans we had left over from lunch yesterday….and I made a salad for myself.

Tony and I went down midafternoon to the beach to fly kites!

Tony and I will probably walk down the street again tonight and have clam chowder for dinner.  I don’t think I’ve had my fill of it yet!


Day 58 – Happy Birthday to Tony!

February 27, 2011

Today is Tony’s birthday and we are just kicking back and enjoying doing next to nothing!  We got up around 10:30 am….and Tony jumped onto the Internet to write our Congressman Devin Nunes about President Obama’s decision not to have the Justice Department enforce the DOMA Act.  We find it very SCARY when a President decides to pick and choose WHICH laws to enforce….no matter what side of the fence you are on, you should find this troubling.  His job is to follow the constitution and enforce the laws that have already been enacted….not decide on his own if he thinks something is constitutional or not.  Newt Gingrich had it right when he used the example of how would the left feel if a President Palin thought that abortion was an unconstitutional act…and she decided on her own to disallow all future abortions.  The left would be calling for impeachment in a situation like that.  The president approached this all wrong.  If he felt it was unconstituional…he should have gone through Congress….and the courts….the proper way!!

On a happier note….after that…we went up to the deck on top of our hotel….and barbequed hamburgers for lunch.  The day had cleared up from the day before when there were storm clouds and intermittent showers.  I didn’t see a cloud in the very blue sky today!  There was a stong and steady ocean breeze with a nip in it….but boy, oh boy, does it ever feel and smell so good.  I love being at the ocean!  Here’s a self-taken photo of the two of us on one of the couches.

This is Tony just getting through checking the burgers on the grill.  What a view of the ocean from the deck!

Me…..just sitting on the brass bed/couch enjoying the sunny afternoon….

And here is Tony relaxing on the same brass/bed couch….bundled up to keep warm.

The following photos I took yesterday afternoon…the rooftop deck as several partitioned sections where people can relax and read a book, lay in a hammock, or just sit and enjoy the afternoon/evening in a very relaxed atmosphere.  There are also a couple tables where you can eat on the deck too.

One of the partitioned sections…..there is actually a TV in the cabinet to the right behind the chair.

Day 57 – Off To The Beach!

February 26, 2011

Yay….vacation has arrived!  We’re just about ready to head out the door to the beach for 4 days/3 nights.  Can’t wait to walk on the beach at sunset!  Hopefully we have an internet connection…I didn’t even check that!  Later!

We do have wifi internet right in our room.  Our room is awesome too…we have a jacuzzi AND a fireplace in it.


We went for a nice walk on the pier and Tony fed the seagulls.

Day 56 – My Needy Kitty Two Socks!

February 25, 2011

This is Two Socks…my very needy kitty.  This is him….trying to be right in the middle of my lap while I’m trying to use my laptop computer in my recliner.  He jumps up….I push him down…and we go through this ritual EVERY day….several times.  I just don’t “get” why he doesn’t realize that he can’t be in my lap when I have the laptop sitting across the arms of the recliner.

Oh…on another note…Tony and I took the recycling to the recycle center today….we ususally go about 4 times a year.  We collect soda/juice/water bottles….aluminum cans, and glass.  Today I was told by the guy at the center that they have coupons in the Monday papers of  the Fresno Bee…or you can print them from their website.  The coupons give you more $ per pound.  What we took in today would have been $44.46 before the guy applied the coupon discount(he gave me the coupon price) and it turned into $52.17 after the coupon price.  That’s a tank of gas for our trip this weekend!

Day 55 – Spring Gorgeousness!

February 24, 2011

I went out into the backyard to take a photograph of a birthday card I made for Tony’s birthday this Sunday…and was pleasantly surprised to see my daffodils in bloom.  I totally missed seeing them last year….the blooms don’t last very long and I had been disappointed that I missed them.  It’s a nice reminder that spring is almost here! Click on each picture to enlarge.

Here is the card I made for Tony.  I made the flowers by hand….and used old buttons that my mom used to save off of old coats and clothing.  Yay mom….one of the 1st recyclers! lol

Day 54 – Sort, Organize, Toss

February 23, 2011

I went to help Chrissie sort and organize her photographs today.  She has a lot of albums that are just sitting in boxes in her garage.  We went through only about 5 or 6 albums….I came home with some of them!  She is organizing them into photo boxes…much smaller boxes that she can use as a filing system.

Here is a picture of her high school graduation from Hong Kong International School…see her sweatshirt….with the H.K.I.S?  Funny that the albums we went through today included pictures of her graduation from H.K.I.S. and she was wearing the school emblem on her sweatshirt!

In the picture below….one of the teachers from the high school picked Chrissie up after the ceremony!  Too funny!

Day 53 – Lesson 2 WIP

February 22, 2011

This is a work in progress…it’s almost finished though.