Day 151 – Some Added Elements

May 31, 2010

Here are a few added elements I’ve made for the kit from yesterday.


Day 150 – I’m on a Roll

May 30, 2010

Today was so productive as far as getting a digital kit started.  I went back to my Kuler account(Photoshop website for extracting colors) and saw a color combination that I had done a long time ago taking colors from a Coleus plant.  It struck me that I still love those bright and cheerful colors and so I started a new kit that I named Clearly Coleus.  Here is a sampler image….it’s a work in progress, but at this point I have 17 papers and a brush set that I created to make the variety of circles on the 3rd paper from the left.  I still have elements to make like bows and brads and I will probably make a sticker alphabet set too.


Day 149 – A “Me” Day

May 29, 2010

Tony and I went to lunch at Applesbees today…..then I went to the nail spa and had a pedicure and fill.  There was a woman there getting black tips on her hands…I really liked it…so I got the same thing.  The black acrylic has very small pieces of shell in the powder.  I had Cammie, the owner paint a little black flower on my french nail polished big toes then too.

Day 148 – Page With Color

May 28, 2010

Here is the same page with color added in.  Still working on this to try to find the right color combination.  I have created the color layers with a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer, so I can easily change the colors with a movement on a left/right slider.

Day 147 – A New Kit Theme

May 27, 2010

In my Art of Digital Design class….we have been looking at THEMES, MOODS, COLOR SCHEMES, etc.  So I have started another kit that I want to be Romantic papers.  I will still work on my Wheatfield kit, but in the mean time I wanted to explore this new mood.  The pattern is only a portion from the Dover Publication, “The Treasure of Chinese Design Motifs”, which is a Royalty Free book of images.  I actually had to go in close to the picture and redraw lines to creat one solid pattern that didn’t have any edges cut off, then I could stamp the image 4 times on the page.  The basic pattern had 2 full large flowers…and one that had its left edge cut of.  I had to copy and paste half of one of the other flowers and then try to line it up and redraw the connecting lines.  I really love how this page turned out…..I can’t wait to try to color in the page on a white background.  That will take some time.  I also gave this page a nice background texture.  Now I need to come up with a good name for my kit.  Any suggestions?  I kind of want a romantic oriental theme.  What do you think of this page?

Day 146 – Blue Patterned “Paper”

May 26, 2010

I gave this paper a bit of a texture.  Click on the picture to enlarge to better see the texture.  The pattern came from the Dover Publications “660 Typographic Ornaments” book.

Day 145 – Word Tree

May 25, 2010

I am working on a digital kit for my class…..I hand drew a tree with the branches drawn out as words.  Then I went into Photoshop CS4 and created the tree with text following my hand drawn design.  I was able to warp the text to create tapered ends.  I made this into a Brush for Photoshop.  I will add this to my kit.