Day 243 – I Lost It All

August 31, 2010

I had an email from this morning from Shutterfly for a free 8×8 album, so I started picking out the pictures that I wanted from my trip.  I spent about an hour selecting all the pictures, but I had about 5 pictures that didn’t upload the thumbnail.  Instead of selecting just those 5 pictures to delete….I selected them to put in the album and lost ALL the other pictures that I had selected!!!!  I hadn’t saved them to an album!  So that’s what I am doing now.  Hopefully the free 8×8 album is available THRU September 1st….the offer says it ends September 1st, not sure if that means thru the day on September 1st, but I definitely don’t have time to create the album before I leave for work.  ARG!


Day 242 – Back To My Boring Life!

August 30, 2010

Well we made it back home safely…and actually a little early. Our flight times had been changed leaving D.C. actually 2 hrs. before our itinerary had indicated….luckily, our check out time was 11:00 am and we left directly to the airport, so arrived around 11:15 am…and our flight had been changed from 3:45 to 1:45pm.  So we had plenty of time.  We were a little concerned that we never received a phone call regarding the schedule change, but it worked out for us alright anyway.  Then the flight from Dallas/Fort Worth was also changed from a departure time of 7:50 pm to 7:15pm.  So we ended up getting to Fresno at 8:40pm. about 35 minutes earlier than originally scheduled.  All flights on time, arrived home safely and no lost luggage.  It was a good day yesterday.  Today I’ve been just relaxing.  I went to the post office to pick up our mail that had been put on hold during our vacation….and found an envelope with a survey in it that had been mailed to me after I had completed a phone survey, just before we left for our vacation.  I didn’t know it when I said I would take the phone survey, but at the end of the phone survey…the lady said they’d be sending me $10.00 for taking it.  The envelope with a follow-up survey had a nice crisp $10.00 bill attached to a thank-you letter for taking the initial survey.  Yay!  It took about an hour today to fill in the booklet survey to mail back to them.  It’s all about advertising, news sources, T.V., etc.  Here is the last part of the survey they want.  It’s a T.V diary for the next 7 days.  This will be easy….it’ll have FOX NEWS 24/7! lol  Maybe I’ll get another $10.00 for sending it back! lol

Day 241 – Coming Home

August 29, 2010

Tony and I spent most of the day in airports and flying home.  We had a great vacation… I need a vacation to recoup from the vacation! lol  We took this picture today in the airport in Dallas/Fort Worth.  Had to take the picture 3 times because Tony wouldn’t smile for the 1st two! lol

Day 240 – Restoring Honor Rally

August 28, 2010

I woke up at 4:40am and had the alarm set for 5am, so I just decided to stay up.  I let Tony sleep until 5am. He was ready to go by 5:45am and we went down and grabbed a taxi out in front of the hotel.  There was already a line of people waiting for taxi and when it was our turn as we were getting in the taxi, two 20 something girls asked if they could share the taxi with us…they were going to the Restoring Honor Rally too.  So they hopped in and we were at the Lincoln Memorial by about 6:05am.  It was already getting filling up and we decided to park ourselves in a hole we found near a tree.  It wasn’t along the reflecting pool, but on the other side of the wide walkway.  If you were looking at it on the TV, we were on the left side maybe a 1/4 of the way back from the stage area.  We still couldn’t see the stage, but they had many great big JumboTron screens and wonderful speakers so that everyone had a great seat!  The event started right on time at about 5min until 10am with a video on the screen.  Here is a picture of what Glenn Beck could see from his speaking podium.  You can see the left side of the reflecting pond is just packed with people, the right side doesn’t show up so well, but it was also packed.  It was also packed at the end of the reflecting pond all the way back to the Washington Monument.  Glenn said the park service told him the left side held about 250,000 people and the right side about 350,000 people…so don’t believe what MSNBC said about 300,000 people being there. I’d guess it was closer to 600,000.  Glenn said the crowd size overran what they expected and so they continued on past the reflecting pond….all the way up to the GW monument.

This is Sarah Palin and she was asked to speak on behalf of military families…or those who have a member of the military in their family serving, or having served.  This was not a political rally, it was a rally mainly asking people to get back to their religious faith.  FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY, something he has been talking about with his TV show for months and months now.

Here’s a picture of the crowd that I took.  Tony and I went to MSNBC’s website just to see what they were showing….they didn’t have ANY pictures showing the crowd size like this one when we looked.

And one of them disseminating toward the MALL and the George Washington Monument after the rally was over.

Tony and I walked about a mile and a 1/4 before we were lucky enough to find an available taxi to take us back to the hotel.  We are just relaxing this afternoon, and then we are going to walk down the street for dinner in a little bit.  The next picture shows the lobby computer area where I’ve been updating my blog.  Tomorrow we fly home.  I’ll post a place holder tomorrow and update when I get home…or maybe in the airport.

Day 239 – Two Smithsonian Museums

August 27, 2010

Today we started out walking toward the Metro subway and decided to eat lunch at Johnny Rockets before we went to the museums.  Then we caught the subway and walked over to the National Archives Building.  This is where the Declaration of Indepence….the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights is displayed.  They didn’t allow ANY photography inside this building, so I don’t have any pictures of that today.  They had a facsimile copy of the Declaration of Independence, I thought that was strange, but realized after seeing the ACTUAL Declaration of Independence, I see why they had a copy of it.  The actual DoI is getting VERY faded and you really couldn’t read it very well at all.  I could barely make out the strong J and H of John Hancock’s signature.  Sad to see this document so faded.  The Constitution however, is in GREAT condition and you could read every word of it if you had the time to stand there and read it.  Those were the only documents we really wanted to see in this building, so we headed over to the National American History Museum.  They had a really cool section of transportation.  All kinds of old cars, delivery vehicles…and a train, etc. 

I liked the section about Abraham Lincoln.  Here is a picture of his Top Hat.

And the bronze head below was the made from the 2nd casting that Abraham Lincoln allowed which was done just 2 months before he was killed.

Tony and I liked this statue of George Washington.  It was actually the 1st Washington Monument done in 1841 and was to sit in the Capitol Rotunda.  Some people loved the sculpture, but others felt that it portrayed GW in inappropriate attire.  The sculpture had a lot of symbolism in the sculpture.  The greek style was to represent Greece, the seat of the 1st democratic society.  Small flanking figures on the sides of American Indians, and Christopher Columbus represent the Old and the New Worlds. And the sword in his outstretched hand with the handle of the sword facing outward was to represent the victory in the American Revolution and he selflessly relinquished his power back to the people.

That’s it for today…Tony and I are going to try to get up around 5am and grab a taxi over to the Lincoln Memorial for the Restoring Honor Rally tomorrow.  We heard people are already camping out their seats.  They are not supposed to go to sleep in the park, and will be supposedly kicked out if they do, but we figure it’s going to be VERY crowded in the morning and don’t want to wait until the Metro opens at 7am.

Day 238 – A Busy Day

August 26, 2010

Tony and I started our day with a walk to the Rite Aid so Tony could get more nuts for the squirrels.  Then we grabbed a taxi and had the driver take us to the Natural History Museum. If you’ve ever seen the movie Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller, the inside looks very much like that movie.  In fact they had stickers on some of the exhibits…so I think it may have been filmed there.

This picture above is of the Hope Diamond.  It’s 45.52 carets! And GORGEOUS!

Tony and I stayed in this museum for almost 6 hours…then we grabbed a taxi and had him take us over to the Vietnam Memorial which is also near the Lincoln Memorial. 

Tony and I didn’t really know anyone who died in the Vietnam war, so as I was thumbing through the book with the thousands and thousands of names in it, I came across the name of someone from Clovis, CA.  His name was Ronnie D. Pendergraft…and died on the 8th of January 1968.  We went to find his name on the granite wall.  The book tells you exactly which panel and line to look on to find the name.

Then we walked down to the Lincoln Memorial and it was getting to be late in the afternoon and the sun was getting low in the sky and really just a beautiful day.

They were starting to set up for the Restoring Honor Rally on Saturday and I got a picture of the stage from the backside with the Restoring Honor Poster and one from the top of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Memorial in the background.

Then we grabbed another taxi and we went over to the Jefferson Memorial. 

Then one more taxi to the subway and we stopped for a nice Italian dinner on the walk back to our hotel after the subway ride.  Now it’s night-night time!  First a nice HOT bath to soothe my aching bones!!!

Day 237 – A Day in D.C.

August 25, 2010

I am a hurting puppy!  My hip hurts and my feet are killing me.  We must have walked 3 or 4 miles today; that doesn’t sound like that much, but it is when you have arthritis in your hip.  Poor me! lol  Anyway….it was a fun day.  We walked 4 long blocks to the Metro subway station from our hotel…then made a transfer to a different train to take us to downtown D.C. by the Smithsonian.  Here is a picture I took of the subway on our way back to our hotel this afternoon.

Of the Smithsonian Museums, we only went to the Air and Space museum today because we had a couple of hours before the 2 tours our senator Devin Nunes had previously arranged for us. Here is a picture I took in the A&SM. It’s part of the F-1 Engine for the Saturn 5 Rocket.

After the A&SM, we walked the MALL and I got a great picture of the Capital building with the Reflecting pond in front of it.

The 1st tour that Devin set up for us was at the Library of Congress at 1:45. This building is just beautiful in its architecture.  It has arched ceilings and wonderfully painted walls and ceilings.  Here is one picture from inside the LOC.

The second tour was of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving where our paper money is printed. Here is the new 100 dollar bill they are printing stacks and stacks of that will start to be distributed in February 2011. The vertical blue strip has a hologram effect with a liberty bell and “100” in it.

The exit from that building wasn’t far from the Washington Monument, so we walked down to that.  All the tours for the day had been given away, so we were only able to walk up to the base of it and look at it.  I have seen plenty of pictures of the WM, but you really don’t get a feel for the size of it.  I have to tell you it is massive at the base.  I always imagined it being much skinnier at the bottom.

We even had fun today with 2 squirrels.  I had a bag of cashews in my backpack that I had purchased for the airplane ride, but I hadn’t eaten and so 2 squirrels had a VERY nice lunch!

This little guy wasn’t afraid at all to come up close to where we were sitting on a park bench.