Day 31 – A New Present For Me!

January 31, 2011

At Christmas I bought Tony a new sweatshirt from the Glen Beck website…yesterday, he wore it for the 1st time.  It looked great on him!  Last night I washed it for the first time.  Today I have a new present for ME!  The sweatshirt shrunk quite a bit and I’m sure it will no longer fit Tony….comfortably!   Oh, it’s so warm and soft….(I’m wearing it right now!)…..Sorry Tony!  Too bad, so sad!  Wish the website would have said… 2 times bigger than you need!  Well maybe I can order him a new one!


Day 30 – Moving Day

January 30, 2011

NOT FOR ME AND TONY!!!  Thanks goodness…I don’t EVER want to move again!  I’m done moving!  Today we spent the WHOLE day helping Chrissie and Zach move into a rental house.  OMG….my body is hurting!  My feet are killing me and back aches!  We had lots of help though from Chrissie’s cousin Andy and his wife Barbara….Chrissie’s Aunt Carol….Tony and I, Chrissie and Zach’s friends Scott and Dawn and another of their friend Nick and his two daughters.  Any also Chrissie’s cousin Laurie….her husband Grady and their two strong boys Nathan and Zachary. Oh, and Natasha too!   I hope I didn’t forget anyone.  Margie and Loren, Zach’s parents helped during the week….I think Chrissie said Lisa and Pete helped too.  More of their GOOD friends.  Sorry, no pictures for today!

Day 29 – An Evening Out

January 29, 2011

Tony and I had a nice late lunch today….we didn’t even get out of bed until 1pm!  We had lunch at Sweet River and then we went to the grocery store.  I’ve just been watching a little TV this afternoon and then we have tickets to see Jeff Dunham….the ventriloquist this evening!  Should be fun!

Day 28 – The Huddled Masses

January 28, 2011

This morning when I looked out the window, I saw my two kitties all cuddled up on top of the spa.  Usually when it’s a nice sunny morning….you’ll see the kitties out there soaking up the sun.  This morning, it was foggy…and no sun….and just plain yucky!  It made me giggle to look out there and see those two “waiting” for momma to get up to feed them!  So I had to quietly get my camera out….those two have EXCELLENT hearing….I got the zoom lens for my new camera…and took this picture before they were any the wiser!  I then moved to the bedroom; previous picture was taken from the LR…and I tried to quietly open the blinds where I could get a better, unobstructed view….but Two Socks heard me and picture moment passed!  So that’s Bob behind the plant…and Two Socks to the right.  Love my babies!  Click to enlarge the photo.

Day 27 – Illustrator Apple

January 27, 2011

I started my Illustrator 201 class today….and this first lesson we were working with Gradient Meshes.  Here is the apple jpeg that we had in class.  This is a picture of an apple.

Here is my Illustrator apple.  Made with the gradient mesh.  It’s still a work in progress…but I wanted to post something for today and it’s almost time for work….so here you go!!  Sorry the apple jpeg is so small.

Day 26 – More Glass Etching

January 26, 2011

Here are 3 frames that I made for my Sister-in-law for her 3 grandsons; Jaden, Logan and Austin.

Day 25 – Boring!

January 25, 2011

Not much going on here today.  Woke up….made lunch, went to have my nails done…then I came home and paid bills!  Now it’s almost time for work.  Boring!