Day 80 – Feeling a Little Stronger Today

I went to bed last night with help from Tony to get my left leg in bed.  Slept a couple hours.  Poor Tony…when he got home from work about 8pm….he had brought a pizza home and ate most of it before bed.  He came to bed with me at 10 pm….and was feeling so sick….with heartburn.  He finally got up at midnight and had to go sit in his recliner in a sitting position as opposed to a laying down position to help alieve his indigestion.  I kept hearing him cough for about a 1/2 hour…and was very worried about him.  I finally got up myself around 1:30 or 2 am…to check on him.  He was feeling good enough to come back to bed. 

I was able to get my left leg up into bed a couple of times this morning….so I know I’m getting stronger.  This morning…I let Tony sleep in until 11 am….to try to catch up on all the hours he has lost the last 4-5 days helping me or waking him in the middle of the night to help me.  I fixed myself oatmeal…with toast.  Made a pitcher of iced tea….which when it was finished….Tony had to put in the refrigerator.  It’s very hard to do using a walker!  By the time Tony left for work at 12:45…I was pretty drained of energy.  So I took a nap for a couple hours…and now I’m back up.  Need to fix myself some dinner….I think it’s going to be a tuna sandwich!  I’ve been craving tuna for some reason. 

So I guess I’m a bit stronger….should be getting stronger everyday.  Just wish this recovery time would go by faster!  My butt is getting tired of being sit on!!!  lol

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