Day 87 – Good News

My niece Melanie sent a text today that she got a job!  Yay for Melanie!  Can’t wait to hear more about the job.  Ok, back to me. lol  I’m on Lesson 4 in my online Photography class….it deals with the focus point of a DSLR.  You can change the settings on a DSLR so that it’s not always centered.  For the photo below….I actually changed that setting so that it would focus on the left side of the photo in Autofocus.  You can also do this manually by pressing the photo taking button, 1/2 way with a centered object, then while still holding the button down 1/2 way…move your camera to the right or left, but not forward or backward, to maintain the focus on the object that was originally centered and then fully press down the photo button.

And in the photo below….I was pleasantly surprised with a little bit of a look called Bokeh.  If you want to see some better examples of Bokeh Photography, just google it.  In my photo….the sunlight shining through the bush in the right hand side of the photo has a lot of blur to it.  That’s the Bokeh look.  Not a great example of it…but I kind of like it anyway!!   Click to enlarge both photos to better see them.

I realize both photos are a bit over-exposed, but it’s not too easy to get around yet…..and I didn’t feel like walking the plant from my kitchen back outside to the front porch today to retake the photos when I saw that they were a bit bright in the white areas of the photos.

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