Day 21 – The Party’s Tomorrow!

Preston’s 3rd birthday party is tomorrow….and I am almost finished making my goodies for the party.  I have made 5 dozen mini donuts today….as well as baked 6 dozen mini cupcakes.  The mini-donuts are glazed and sprinkled….but I still need to make the frosting for the cupcakes and I need to get more sprinkles for them too.  I need to buy some of the ziplock storage containers….to take them in the car….and I still need to buy Preston’s gift and wrap it up!  I think I can still get all that done before too late tonight!  At least I hope!


                                          Finished the cupcakes!

3 Responses to Day 21 – The Party’s Tomorrow!

  1. Melanie says:

    You know, you are really taking some pretty awesome photos of your work here. I really like the way you set up these shots, especially this cupcake one. Nice work, and have fun with your grandson today! 🙂

    • Hi Mel….it’s all in the camera! My point and shoot Sony digital camera developed a little shadowy spot in it so I decided I wanted to go back to a GOOD camera! Chrissie and I went to Horn Photo and I bought a Canon Rebel T21 digital SLR. I LOVE it! I can really notice a different in the quality of my photos! Thanks for noticing!

  2. Betty Nance says:

    all your goodies look wonderful…Preston will have a fantastic party…and he is so lucky to have you to make all those wonderful thing for his party…have fun!

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