Day 47 – Lesson 4 LO

This LO was fun to create.  We used a technique called half tone….which is a printing technique.  It’s the green dots that go down in size.  I also used it on the butterfly.  I could see this on a phrase or bit of text.  I think that would look pretty neat.  I’ll have to try that!  This was Preston on his birthday with WAY too much sugar in his body! lol  His mouth is full of chocolate in case you think he had really BAD teeth! lol  And I couldn’t get the two boys, Ben and Preston to take ONE good picture…they were being SO silly!  One of both of them had a funny face, or a tongue sticking out! lol  Click on the photo to enlarge it.

I did it!  I created the word halftone, below, using the halftone filter in PS.

2 Responses to Day 47 – Lesson 4 LO

  1. Sheri says:

    Great LO. Love it!

  2. Betty Nance says:

    Your layout came out very cute Kathy…I love that big picture of preston…he is quite the little guy!

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