Day 52 – President’s Day!

Got up early today because I had a 9a.m. doctor appointment.  It was really a recheck of a bump I have…and to talk to my doctor about my hip surgery.  My bump has really decreased in size….the doctor says its fine and doesn’t need to be cut out.  Its probably just an ingrown hair or a blocked duct and nothing to worry about.  I asked her about my big toe and asked for a referral to the podiatrist.  I have a sore toe around the nail and it has a little piece of skin or something that is growing out the side under the nail.  The doctor said the podiatrist would be able to fix that by cutting the nail back a bit.  My hip surgeon said I need to get any thing done, like dental cleanings…fillings….ingrown toenails, etc. taken care of before I have the hip surgery…so I’m getting it all done.  I hope the podiatrist will call me in the morning…since today was a holiday….I’m assuming that he/she wasn’t open today. 

I also took Bob to the doctor today; he has a little cold….and he had watery eyes…and sounds like his nose is stuffed up.  The vet gave me antibiotics to give to Bob twice a day.

Then I went to the nail place to have my nails done on both my hands and feet….ah….I love the spa pedicure!  It’s so relaxing sitting there in the massage chair.  Spent the rest of the day relaxing!  Yay for holidays!

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