Day 153 – A Long Day

Preston woke up this morning at 1:15am, only I saw 713 on the DVR and I thought it was 7:13am in the morning! Even though there was no light out yet…I was sound asleep when I got woken up! He was upset and crying for his mommy and daddy. He cried long enough, I texted Johnny(thinking it was 7:13am) When I got into the kitchen….the BIG clock in there said 1:15! I was like “Oh no! I woke Johnny up at 1:15am! Anyway…he came to the house, which is only about 2 miles from the hospital to calm Preston down….and put him back to sleep. He slept until 6:30am then. So I’m tired tonight! I just got Preston to bed….it’s 9:45pm. going to hit the rack early tonight in case Preston does this again tonight. Here’s a picture I took at the hospital this evening of Preston, Kayden, Johnny and Amy.

One Response to Day 153 – A Long Day

  1. Sheri says:

    What a great picture of the family. He is precious.
    Congratulations to Johnny and Amy, Preston too he is now a big brother!

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