Day 140 – Photo Editing With Actions

May 20, 2011

I’m taking a class at called Photo Finish.  We are learning about actions…..which I have a little bit of experience with from classes I’ve taken at   Anyway….the action applied to this photo of Preston is from Pioneer Woman.  It’s the PWActionSet2 “Colorize” Action.  In case you don’t know what an action is….it’s a set of instructions….kind of like scripts….that run different things like filters and such on your photo.  So if you want to take a load of pictures and turn them all into black and white….and resize them, you could do each one individually and it would take a long time.  With an action, you can open your photo….and select the action and hit the play button and it will perform all the functions in a row automatically.  Then you just need to save the changes.  This photo of Preston was one that Johnny and Amy took a year or so ago. I absolutely love this photo!  I had originally edited the photo to remove the hand over Preston’s head and then resaved.  Then I opened that photo and ran the action.  Finally I added a very faint oval vignette to the outside edges.  CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO