Day 131 – Doctor’s Visit

I went to see my surgeon today and he wants me off work another 3 weeks.  Approved to go back on June 1st now.  Doctor says I need to exercise my left leg lots and just get stronger.  I am still limping slightly and he says that’s all a muscle issue.  He took an ex-ray too….and says that looks good.

4 Responses to Day 131 – Doctor’s Visit

  1. Melanie says:

    That’s great news– you’re healing and on the road to recovery. I’m so glad! Exercising after a major surgery like that is pretty hard, and I’m sure extremely uncomfortable, but guess what? You’re a tough chickie, and you can do it. Now get movin’, lady! 😉 j/k, good luck though– it’s hard to move again after all that. Keep the faith and go one step at a time. Love ya

    • Thanks Melanie! I got the bicycle down from the garage ceiling the other day and Tony pumped up the tires. I took a trial run…and was happy that I could handle it. I think I will start each day with a little ride around the block…and maybe increase the distance from there. Will add this to my other exercises.

  2. Sheri says:

    That is good news, keep moving. I know the pool is cold but have you tried any excercise in water? I have been going to a water aerobics class for almost 4 months now 4 hours a week and i can tell a difference. One of the women in our class had hip replacement surgery and as soon as she could and was in the water 3 times a day and said it really helped.

    • I have not tried the pool yet. I should do that….because I know it would be good. I fear it’s still cold…but I’ll check it out. I think I going to ride my bicycle too.

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