Day 115 – A New Lens

I bought a new lens for my camera today at Horn Photo.  It’s a 50mm 1.8.  I’ve discovered I love pictures with a lot of blur and a small focus.  This lens has a 1.8 aperture which will allow for a LOT of blur!  It will also do GREAT Bokeh photos.  Bokeh is a japanese term for blur.  I was playing around with my camera and new lens today and I was trying to recreate this photo. I love how the light shadow makes a heart on the cup too.

The link to this photo is here.  This is done making a kind of cuff for the lens where you have a cutout in the very center of the cuff with the shape you want the lights to take on.  Here is a link to the cuff that this photographer used.  And here is a pic of his cuff.

I made my heart only 3/4 inch in size….so I got a little bit of a different look.  I think I will try to make the heart bigger on the next cuff I make and see how it changes my pictures.  Anyway….I used a set of colored Christmas lights…propped up behind my coffee cup.  I needed to have a black table-cloth underneath….the patterned one is a bit distracting to me.  Here is my first attempt at this Bokeh thing!

I also made a cuff with a star opening in it.  So here is what that looks like.

Here is a link to a GREAT tutorial on how to make your lens cuff.

2 Responses to Day 115 – A New Lens

  1. Kristy says:

    Hi Kathy! Thanks for posting this! I never knew it was possible to change the shape of your Bokeh! Very cool! Thanks again,

    • Hi Kristy! If you have a Cricut Electronic die cutting machine…or other punches…you can make all kinds of shapes. I’ve only tried a few shapes…but I saw a GORGEOUS butterfly shape the other day in a photo. I’ve made a star, heart, butterfly(but haven’t tried it yet) and an octagon.

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