Day 102 – My Other Baby!

Got a neat shot of my other baby Two Socks this afternoon.  I was sitting in the chair on the patio…with a very small window or opening between the table and the back of the patio chair…where I could see Two Socks laying on the other side of the table.  So when I zoomed in with the camera….on the right upper side of the photo….the table is blurred(the gray color)  I didn’t feel like getting up out of my chair plus Two Socks would have moved, thinking I was going to get him food(he’s always hungry)….so I took the shot between the chair and table.  CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO.

3 Responses to Day 102 – My Other Baby!

  1. Sheri says:

    Another beautiful picture. You would never know the blurr was the table, it looks like fur. Such a pretty boy.

    • I think you would’ve liked this class I’m taking with Candice Stringham. I’ve learned a lot about apertures, shutter speeds, depth of field…etc. Can’t wait for the portraiture class.

  2. Melanie says:

    That photo is AWESOME. Seriously. Love it!

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