Day 99 – Putting the Nursery Together

Today we went to breakfast a IHOP.  John, Natasha, Ana, Linda, Chrissie, Me, Jenny and Austin.  Then we headed over to Chrissie’s house to start cleaning all the baby items John had for Chrissie and Zach.  We took the Lysol wipes and cleaned off all the toys, walkers, swings, books, etc. that John and Natasha saved from when Ana was younger….then if they weren’t going to be used right after the baby is born, we wrapped the items with big lawn bags and marked what they were on the outside of the bag so they would be able to be quickly identified.  Then we hung the wall words that I made yesterday for the nursery.  They looked SO cute on the walls.  CLICK TO ENLARGE THE PHOTOS.

3 Responses to Day 99 – Putting the Nursery Together

  1. Betty Nance says:

    The words look awesome…Chrissie is so fortunate to have you to make all the wonderful things you do! Baby will be so spoiled…thanks for sharing it looks great!

  2. Melanie says:

    What a great idea. Their nursery looks so put-together! 🙂

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