Day 92 – Happy Birthday John Sr.

Today is John’s birthday. I’m going to the ranch this afternoon for a bbq to celebrate his birthday.  I made guacamole, onion dip and vegetable dip and I’m taking chips to dip.   I made this card….the inside says, “Hope your birthday is out of this world!”

Today I also bought myself a couple presents.  I may send one of these back. I’m really looking for a more convenient camera bag for my DSLR camera and lenses.  I LOVE Vera Bradley bags….and ordered these 3 bags today online.

This first one is more like a medium sized purse and I think I will probably keep this one as a purse.  I LOVE the adjustable strap on this one….so it can be adjusted to fit over the shoulder.  This bag is called “On the Go”.

The second bag is called “All Squared Up”.  I like the shape and size…this one is 15 inches long…and 10 inches tall if I am remembering correctly.  It has 2 open pockets on the outside….a zippered pocket on the outside and several slip pockets inside.  I like the fabric pattern too.  It’s called Folkloric.  I think this one is plenty big for my DSLR and all the lenses, battery charger, etc.

This third bag is called a large Hobo.  I couldn’t decide between this one and the one above for the DSLR…so I thought I’d buy them both and maybe send one back after I see them in person and check how my equipment  fits in them.  Love the pattern of this fabric too…I do love red…and I think with this one I could take the dividers from my camera bag and put them in the purse to keep things organized.  We’ll see.  Who knows…maybe I’ll keep them all!  I deserve them right?!!! lol  CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE FOR BETTER VIEWING

6 Responses to Day 92 – Happy Birthday John Sr.

  1. I like the last one with the combination of fabric and the shape. Congrats on the coming birth of two more grandchildren. I would absolutely love to have your summer plans!

  2. Sue says:

    Yes! Indeed! You do deserve all three!! I am also a HUGE VERA BRADLEY FAN!!! I never knew you were one too! I’ll send you a photo of the purse I carry every day. I was just at a local shoe store that sells Vera and fell in love with the very same red purse you have chosen! The only thing that stopped me from purchasing the purse is that I am a blue person. Everything I own is blue!

  3. Melanie says:

    Love all three! I think I may be her latest fan… just because of you! 🙂

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