Day 67 – Pre-Op Testing

Today I went back to the hospital for pre-operative testing…blood, urine, blood pressure, EKG, chest x-ray.  Filled out all the forms….designated Tony as my go-to man if decisions need to be made.  That will NOT be necessary!  Nothing is going to go wrong!  🙂

I took Chrissie to lunch at a Thai restaurant….our favorite!  We had hot and spicy soup….Tom Yum Kung….and split a plate of 1/2 Phad Thai and 1/2 Phad Siew!  Yummy!  Gave the leftover soup to Chrissie to share with Zach after work and I took the leftover noodles for my dinner tonight.  Well time to leave for work!  Later!

One Response to Day 67 – Pre-Op Testing

  1. Melanie says:

    Filling out those forms really brings things down a little, right? Makes the whole “mortal coil” seem a bit tight around the collar for a minute… but you’ll be totally fine! Totally routine procedures, and you’re doing everything right in preparation. Plus you have a ton of people who’ll be sending positive energy and praying for you. 🙂

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