Day 62 – What’s Happening Today

Got up early this morning to go to an 8:30 appointment with the podiatrist.  I had 3 toes that he cut the nails on….they had little dagger like growths growing down into my skin which was causing alot of pain.  Hopefully this will fix that permanently…’cause that didn’t feel too good! lol  This afternoon, I put a 2nd application of crabgrass preventer on the front and back lawns.  I’m gonna get a handle on my crabgrass problems if it kills me!  It’s WAR I tell you! WAR!  lol  And finally this afternoon…I also started working on the Jenny Lind crib that I have.  I worked on one side piece…sanding and sanding.  I finally went to Lowe’s when I was finished sanding….and I bought a liquid in a jar that is supposed to deshine…or desurface….or whatever you call it.  It’s supposed to take the shine off of the surface…and be easier than sanding.  So I used that on top of what I had already sanded.  Then I also purchased a spray Primer….and sprayed that on the one side piece I’ve already been working on.  Not sure I’m sold on the spray….when the tip got a little bit of obstruction from the spray…it started spraying chucks instead of light spray.  I had to take the sandpaper to try to get the chunks to get knocked off.  I’m going to let it dry overnight…and see if I can take the sandpaper to it better.  Then comes a coat of enamel black satin paint.  Can’t wait to finish the one side to see how it turns out.

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