Day 43 – A Lazy Saturday Afternoon!

Today is just a fantastic day for February!  It’s got to be close to 80 degrees here in sunny California.  I love days like this every now and then when it’s supposed to be winter!  Sorry you folks back East!  It’s that time of year when I have to put out the crabgrass preventer on the lawn.  I had enough to put out on the front lawn, but I ran out of the crabgrass preventer for the backyard.  I had another bag of Weed N Feed, so I used that on the backyard.  This time of the year, my grass is SO green…and gorgeously lush looking.  I wish it would look like this through the summer.  I have been battling crabgrass for several years now and can’t seem to get a handle on it.  Maybe I’ll have better luck this year.  Bob was out in the yard when I took this “action” photo! lol  He was running up to me….and the grass is blurry, because I was panning on him! lol

I found that Bob has the perfect scratching post!

And when Bob walked away, I walked around the side of the tree to see that Bob has really been working at this tree!!

See how green the lawn is….I love it when it looks so full and plush.

4 Responses to Day 43 – A Lazy Saturday Afternoon!

  1. Sheri says:

    Great pictures of Bob and the yard. You yard always looks so nice. Even though it was 75 here today our grass is not quite there yet.

  2. Betty Nance says:

    wow beautiful lawn and backyard…it sure beats the snow on ours…can’t see any grass here! lol!

  3. Anna Janise says:

    I love green grass, we don’t see much of it here at the beach.

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