Day 18 – Wrapping It Up

Today…I got my list of supplies all typed up for my Monkey Invitation that is going to be published in the June/July Cricut magazine.  I printed pictures of the invitation to send along with it as requested in the instructions.  I need to get it in the mail and they need to receive it by January 25th.  Seems like I had more time last time to get my product to them.  I will receive 2 copies of the magazines…..and free scrapbooking supplies.  This is the same thing I am supposed to receive for my 1st submission that is in the premiere issue.  I should get that issue any day in the mail….I will get the free copies and the scrapbooking supplies up to two months after this 1st issue was published…so I expect that will come in March.  I’m sad that it is going to take that long to get my “reward”! lol  Eager to see what the free supplies are too.  Wonder if they will be different the 2nd time around?

5 Responses to Day 18 – Wrapping It Up

  1. Barbara says:

    Yay! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Sheri says:

    I can’t wait to buy the premier issue with your submission. It comes out March 1st right? Your birthday?

    • It’s coming out this month….Not sure where it’s available…..I got an email that they went out in the mail last week. I signed up for my subscription late in December so I’m not sure I signed up in time to get the first issue. I would check Michaels and JoAnns though. It’s March that I will get my two free issues and free scrapbook supplies.

  3. Betty Nance says:

    Congratulations on the latests publication in the cricut magazine…I can’t wait to get it…I have a 6th month subscription…I don’t know when it’s coming but I figured sometime this month! I’ve been excitedly waiting for months now for it to come out.

    • Hi Betty….Thanks! I received an email last week that they were being shipped out. I haven’t gotten mine either…I signed up for a subscription too, but late in December. I hope it was in time to receive the first issue!

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