Day 15 – Work, Play, Work(sew)

Won’t be able to post until tonight….I have to work the day shift…then off to Barbara for a little craft night.  Then I have to come home and try to hem some fabric into a tablecloth because I need to take it with me when I go to Amy’s after work on Sunday evening.  She is having an ultrasound on Monday to found out the sex of her baby…and I am going to go for that!  Wow…it’s exciting to be a grandma!!!  Maybe if I get the tablecloth done…I can take a picture of it…..and post it…or better yet….I can post a picture of the craft project that we make at  Barbara’s!!

Well it’s 11:20….I worked until 5pm…then went straight to the ladies craft night.  That was fun.  We made wooden stands that can hold a recipe….or a picture.  I don’t have any pictures to post of that…I’ll try to take one when I finish mine.  I didn’t want to paint mine…and then have to carry it in the car home.  I had to leave a little earlier than the rest of the ladies because I had to come home and sew my table cloths.  I made 3 tonight!  I LOVE the black and white one.  Then I made the smaller aqua one to center in the middle of the black and white one.  I also made a solid yellow one for another table.  Sorry…I didn’t take a picture of that one.  In the picture below….I also have the glassware that I bought to put the candy/goodies in for the party.  The tall cylindrical vase with the aqua colored beads in it is going to have a bouquet of flowers.  I love that tall champagne type large vase too.  Too fun!

4 Responses to Day 15 – Work, Play, Work(sew)

  1. Betty Nance says:

    Post both projects…I’m already thinking about craft making…I wish I had more time in the day…and you work…ya know…I’ve heard it said if you want to get something done give it to a busy person…and it will get done! LOL!

  2. Barbara says:

    So cute! Preston’s party will be adorable! I’m
    So glad that you made it craft club last night. It was so much fun! I posted some pictures on Facebook.

  3. Melanie says:

    LOVE those tablecloths! And that’s a cool idea, to put a colored smaller tablecloth on top to help break up the pattern and give a little splash to the table. Nice work; now, where’s mine? (j/k)

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