Day 12 – Another Busy Day!

Today I got up early to go shopping with Chrissie…my daughter.  Actually…she accompanied me!  I went out looking for a new camera…a digital SLR.  I went out looking to get a body for my old Nikon camera lens….but rather quickly decided that it wasn’t worth trying to get a body….when the body I wanted wouldn’t work with the auto focus feature.  The newer lenses are made to match and work with the newer bodies…so I thought it best to just get the lens(s) with the new body.  And my daughter is a Canon fan…and uses it in her photography business.  So went to two different shops in town….if you want a camera from a good shop….there are two places to go in Fresno.  Boots Camera….and Horn Photo.  Horn photo is actually where I wanted to purchase because when I was a young girl, my father used to shop at Horn photo and knew the original owners.  I bought the Canon Rebel T2i and two lenses.  An 18-55 mm lens for everyday shooting…and a 55-250 mm for zooming.  Now I need to sit down and read the manual….these new digital cameras are a lot more complicated than my old 35 mm camera. 

I also did some baking today….I did a dry run on some mini donuts that I want to make for Preston’s birthday party….and some candy coated pretzel rods.  They both turned out pretty cute.  I think these recipes will work just fine.  Oh….I got the recipe for the mini donuts here:  And I used the frosting glaze for rolling the pretzel rods in….and sprinkling with the colored candies.

4 Responses to Day 12 – Another Busy Day!

  1. Sheri says:

    Those donuts look so yummy and so cute! Preston will love them.

    You will love your camera I just love mine and I love the way the pictures turn out. I know there are more features on it that I need to learn about, but it is a great camera. You will enjoy all of the pictures you will take of your grandbabies!

  2. Thanks! I’m excited to learn about it. There’s a class starting in February at with Candice Stringham that teaches you all about Digital SLR’s and how to take it off auto. I might take that class. We’ll see…it’s kinda pricy. But I think it would definitely be worth it.

  3. Betty Nance says:

    You are the woman! I bought cake decorating classes for my daughter in law for her birthday…she just loved it and she bought 3 more classes…my Sister in law gave her all her baking pans and supplies (she use to bake cakes professionally) so she is all set…Preston is on lucky guy to have you on his side…love the pretzel stick idea…I’m gonna have to do that for my granddaughters? where did you get the wrappers for them?

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