Day 5 – Weird News Day

After fixing Tony and I a nice lunch, I’m sitting her watching the news and some student at a Millard High School, in Omaha, Neb.  has shot 2 people at the school…news just said that guy is now dead.  And then there was a shooting outside the Chandler Fashion Center Mall, in Chandler, AZ.  Evidently the suspect is holed up in the Baja Fresh restaurant across the street from the mall with possible hostages.  My best friend lives 2 miles from this location….and I’ve been chatting with her on the computer as this has been unfolding.  Hi Sheri!  Glad you and Tim are SAFE!!!  Yesterday in Fresno, near where I live….a lady was car-jacked…and made to drive to a bank across from the mall here…and forced to withdraw money….she managed to jump out at a light…and the guy drove off in her car and abandoned it in a nearby neighborhood.  Last night, my evening supervisor called me and said that our office was surrounded by police looking for that suspect….who up to now has not been found.  What a crazy day-and-a-half!  Unless this economy makes a rebound….I feel this kind of news is going to become the norm!!

One Response to Day 5 – Weird News Day

  1. Sheri says:

    People are crazy. I don’t get what makes people tick sometimes with the things they do. I hope they catch this guy very soon.

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