Day 344 – More Christmas Lights

Today we had a wonderful lunch of filet mignon, baked beans, tater tots, and salad.  Filet is my favorite meat.  I barbequed it on the grill in the backyard while Tony ran to get his haircut.  He mentioned to his lady that cuts his hair that we have fresh lemons….and so after our lunch we went out…Tony took a box of lemons to an old co-worker at the CVS store down the street at the corner and he took some lemons back to the hairdresser and on the way he dropped me at moms to help them with cleaning out all the pictures off the disc that fits in the camera.  I took them some lemons too.  Then Tony stopped back by…came in and visited for 10 minutes and then we went home and Tony started adding more lights to the front of the house.  Can’t wait to come home tonight and see how it looks!


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