Day 342 – Can You Guess How Many?

I haven’t counted these yet….I was going to get them juiced today, but instead went to the grocery store because I needed the Ziplock freezer bags to freeze the juice in for storage.  I ended up doing the weekly shopping, then had to put all the groceries away and then make my lunch.  Now it’s almost time to leave for work…so the juicing will have to wait until tomorrow.  ANYWAY….back to how many lemons you think are in the box?  I think I mentioned last year we had around 300 lemons.  Tony picked about 1/2 the tree and I’ve already picked about 35 lemons off in the last couple of weeks.  So how many lemons do you think are in this box  BTW…the box measures 12 in. wide, by 24 in. long, by 9 in. deep.  The lids are open, so the 9 in. ends at the fold.  I will count them when I juice them and let you know later.  I think I’m going to guess about 145 lemons in the box.  No prize involved… can scroll back to Day 324 and get my lemon bread recipe if you want a prize!


2 Responses to Day 342 – Can You Guess How Many?

  1. Sheri says:

    I’ll say….324. I might make that lemon bread this weekend. Yummy!

  2. I counted them this afternoon…and there were only 149 lemons in the box. I wasn’t far off. We can do this again with the 2nd half of the tree when Tony gets those picked.

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