Day 255 – Snacks

We got into Reno a bit later than we wanted to….we were just leaving from home and got as far as the highway and stopped for lunch and heard a weird noise in the car when turning out of the drive thru, and then again turning onto the road out of the driveway.  Tony said it sounded like a bad U joint.  We had just left the drive thru and were over the highway when I thought I heard someone honking at me.  So we turned the radio down and not too far down the road the horn started honking again.  So we decided to drive back into town and take it to the dealership and get a rental to go to Reno in. So there is some kind of short and maybe a U joint or worse breaking on the car.  Great!  Why couldn’t I hit the 5 for 5 keno ticket I played today to win $800.00.  THAT would have been nice!

So anyway….when we got to Reno….we were too tired to go out for dinner.  I had brought lots of snacks with us…so we had bread, cheese, grapes, apples, and salami for dinner.  It tasted pretty good too!


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