Day 242 – Back To My Boring Life!

Well we made it back home safely…and actually a little early. Our flight times had been changed leaving D.C. actually 2 hrs. before our itinerary had indicated….luckily, our check out time was 11:00 am and we left directly to the airport, so arrived around 11:15 am…and our flight had been changed from 3:45 to 1:45pm.  So we had plenty of time.  We were a little concerned that we never received a phone call regarding the schedule change, but it worked out for us alright anyway.  Then the flight from Dallas/Fort Worth was also changed from a departure time of 7:50 pm to 7:15pm.  So we ended up getting to Fresno at 8:40pm. about 35 minutes earlier than originally scheduled.  All flights on time, arrived home safely and no lost luggage.  It was a good day yesterday.  Today I’ve been just relaxing.  I went to the post office to pick up our mail that had been put on hold during our vacation….and found an envelope with a survey in it that had been mailed to me after I had completed a phone survey, just before we left for our vacation.  I didn’t know it when I said I would take the phone survey, but at the end of the phone survey…the lady said they’d be sending me $10.00 for taking it.  The envelope with a follow-up survey had a nice crisp $10.00 bill attached to a thank-you letter for taking the initial survey.  Yay!  It took about an hour today to fill in the booklet survey to mail back to them.  It’s all about advertising, news sources, T.V., etc.  Here is the last part of the survey they want.  It’s a T.V diary for the next 7 days.  This will be easy….it’ll have FOX NEWS 24/7! lol  Maybe I’ll get another $10.00 for sending it back! lol


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