Day 239 – Two Smithsonian Museums

Today we started out walking toward the Metro subway and decided to eat lunch at Johnny Rockets before we went to the museums.  Then we caught the subway and walked over to the National Archives Building.  This is where the Declaration of Indepence….the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights is displayed.  They didn’t allow ANY photography inside this building, so I don’t have any pictures of that today.  They had a facsimile copy of the Declaration of Independence, I thought that was strange, but realized after seeing the ACTUAL Declaration of Independence, I see why they had a copy of it.  The actual DoI is getting VERY faded and you really couldn’t read it very well at all.  I could barely make out the strong J and H of John Hancock’s signature.  Sad to see this document so faded.  The Constitution however, is in GREAT condition and you could read every word of it if you had the time to stand there and read it.  Those were the only documents we really wanted to see in this building, so we headed over to the National American History Museum.  They had a really cool section of transportation.  All kinds of old cars, delivery vehicles…and a train, etc. 

I liked the section about Abraham Lincoln.  Here is a picture of his Top Hat.

And the bronze head below was the made from the 2nd casting that Abraham Lincoln allowed which was done just 2 months before he was killed.

Tony and I liked this statue of George Washington.  It was actually the 1st Washington Monument done in 1841 and was to sit in the Capitol Rotunda.  Some people loved the sculpture, but others felt that it portrayed GW in inappropriate attire.  The sculpture had a lot of symbolism in the sculpture.  The greek style was to represent Greece, the seat of the 1st democratic society.  Small flanking figures on the sides of American Indians, and Christopher Columbus represent the Old and the New Worlds. And the sword in his outstretched hand with the handle of the sword facing outward was to represent the victory in the American Revolution and he selflessly relinquished his power back to the people.

That’s it for today…Tony and I are going to try to get up around 5am and grab a taxi over to the Lincoln Memorial for the Restoring Honor Rally tomorrow.  We heard people are already camping out their seats.  They are not supposed to go to sleep in the park, and will be supposedly kicked out if they do, but we figure it’s going to be VERY crowded in the morning and don’t want to wait until the Metro opens at 7am.


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