Day 237 – A Day in D.C.

I am a hurting puppy!  My hip hurts and my feet are killing me.  We must have walked 3 or 4 miles today; that doesn’t sound like that much, but it is when you have arthritis in your hip.  Poor me! lol  Anyway….it was a fun day.  We walked 4 long blocks to the Metro subway station from our hotel…then made a transfer to a different train to take us to downtown D.C. by the Smithsonian.  Here is a picture I took of the subway on our way back to our hotel this afternoon.

Of the Smithsonian Museums, we only went to the Air and Space museum today because we had a couple of hours before the 2 tours our senator Devin Nunes had previously arranged for us. Here is a picture I took in the A&SM. It’s part of the F-1 Engine for the Saturn 5 Rocket.

After the A&SM, we walked the MALL and I got a great picture of the Capital building with the Reflecting pond in front of it.

The 1st tour that Devin set up for us was at the Library of Congress at 1:45. This building is just beautiful in its architecture.  It has arched ceilings and wonderfully painted walls and ceilings.  Here is one picture from inside the LOC.

The second tour was of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving where our paper money is printed. Here is the new 100 dollar bill they are printing stacks and stacks of that will start to be distributed in February 2011. The vertical blue strip has a hologram effect with a liberty bell and “100” in it.

The exit from that building wasn’t far from the Washington Monument, so we walked down to that.  All the tours for the day had been given away, so we were only able to walk up to the base of it and look at it.  I have seen plenty of pictures of the WM, but you really don’t get a feel for the size of it.  I have to tell you it is massive at the base.  I always imagined it being much skinnier at the bottom.

We even had fun today with 2 squirrels.  I had a bag of cashews in my backpack that I had purchased for the airplane ride, but I hadn’t eaten and so 2 squirrels had a VERY nice lunch!

This little guy wasn’t afraid at all to come up close to where we were sitting on a park bench.


One Response to Day 237 – A Day in D.C.

  1. Sheri says:

    I’m sorry for your pain…I can only imagine. What a wonderful day you had. The WM picture is beautiful with the green grass and the blue sky. The 100 dollar bill looks like play money.

    Can’t wait to see what you and Tony did today! Have fun!

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