Day 234 – Colonial Williamsburg

Tony and I flew to Virginia yesterday…all flights on time which was nice.  We woke up this morning and ate a wonderful free buffet breakfast at our hotel….and not just a continental breakfast….they had a full breakfast buffet.  We went to Colonial Williamsburg this afternoon and we were going to eat  dinner at a Tavern tonight but when we walked by the tavern we had reservations at…Tony asked for the menu to see what they were serving for dinner.  He didn’t see anything on the menu that he thought he’d like to eat, so we cancelled our reservation there and instead we are going to a dinner/entertainment thing tonight.  It’s a haunted dinner theater or something like that.  They said there were 71 items on the menu!  I’m sure Tony will find something there he will like!!! lol  They have music, magic and other entertainment.  That actually sounds a lot more fun than the dinner at the tavern does.  The picture I took was of the governor’s palace in Colonial Williamsburg.  Today the weather was like it was in the movie Good Morning Vietnam….HOT AND STICKY!!  I forgot how humid it can get in this part of the country!  I’ll take the heat of California any day over this humidity!


3 Responses to Day 234 – Colonial Williamsburg

  1. Sheri says:

    Have fun. Glad to hear that you made it safely.

  2. Thanks! We are having a fun time….even though the weather is not fun!

    • Sheri says:

      I totally agree with you on the weather there. It is nasty! It is humid here today with the monsoon, but not as bad as there.

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