Day 108 – A Nice Relaxing Day

Tony and I rented the movie Alice….thinking the whole time we were watching the movie, that it was the one with Johnny Depp.   See he reserved the movie through one of those RED BOX rental machine’s….and when the video comes out, it comes in a plain milky white plastic container….not one with a picture on the outside.  Funny thing was….it took about 1/2 way through the movie for me to figure out that it wasn’t the one with Johnny Depp.  I said a couple times after the movie started……”I wonder when Johnny Depp is going to be in this movie!”  lol  The one we got was the one that Kathy Bates was in and it is just called ALICE.  The other one is called ALICE in WONDERLAND.    Tony and I rented two movies last night too…..and we came home and put the queen size blow up mattress on the living room floor and threw down a couple quilts….and propped up the end where our heads go and watched the movies from the floor!  It was so comfortable Tony fell asleep during the 2nd movie…and so when it was over, I went a got another quilt to cover us up and we just slept there overnight!   Today BOB joined me on the blow up bed for the ALICE movie.


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