Day 87 – Martha Stewart

Tony and I went to Borders Books with our 40% off coupons and I found a Martha Stewart Craft Encyclopedia.  I went to the counter to pay for it and I noticed the paper cover had a big scratch in it.  So I ran back and got another one.  Actually Tony ran back and got another one.  That paper cover was dirty….so I paid for the book….and told the lady I would go back and get another one off the shelf….3rd times the charm right?  The funny….no weird thing is, after I bought it I was flipping through the pages on the way home while Tony was driving and I got to a page where one of the corners was turned down.  I looked down at the page and noticed that there were about 20 pages MISSING!  Torn right out of the book!  I couldn’t believe it!  When I closed the book up….there was a noticeable gap in 2 places….so I opened up the book at the 2nd gap and found another bunch of pages torn right out of the book!!!  Who would do that?!!!  When we got home it was time for me to leave for work, so Tony offered to take the book back and get another one.  He got the very last one off the shelf….and this one is perfect!  Yay!


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