Day 86 – My House

The weather here really is just beautiful right now….Spring has sprung and the trees and flowers are blooming.  It is so wonderful….I just love Spring!  Here is the front of my house….I haven’t turned on the automatic sprinklers yet…I had them turned off during the winter….and so I was outside today watering the yard by hand….enjoying the wonderful day. 

This big tree keeps it’s leaves all through winter…and at this time of the year, the old leaves are falling off as the new leaves grow in and replace them.  It’s neat because during the winter….my house is the only one around that has leaves on it’s trees.  This tree is never completely bare of leaves.  I have no idea what kind of tree it is though.

This is a Tea Rose bush that has gotten quite big actually. 

And my red rose bush is blooming too.  I also have the prettiest lavender rose bush….that bush only has buds on it right now. I will post some pictures of those flowers in a few days when they bloom.


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