Day 3 – Sunday Breakfast

I guess I should number my blog entries…that will make it more interesting as the days pass on my effort to post something every day for 365 days.   Today is Sunday and Tony has to work 1:30-10:30 pm.  I thought he needed a nice big breakfast (actually he requested bacon!) to take him through the afternoon and evening.  I fixed bacon and eggs, hash browns, toast and he had O.J. as well; I had iced tea….practically the only thing I drink!  Umm…umm.  I know you’re thinking….not good for the arteries.  Oh well….it’s hard to change.  Hopefully later I can get my Christmas tree taken down….I wanted to sit here and relax for a while before I started that project!


One Response to Day 3 – Sunday Breakfast

  1. Sue says:

    Hi Kathy, for an extra treat, BAKE your bacon! Preheat your oven to 400%, spread the bacon out on a pan (I use a deep cookie sheet) and bake for 15 minutes. This is how Ina G. makes it and it is so yummy!

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