Day 2 – Illustrator Class Lesson 1

I started an Illustrator class today at   In lesson 1 we created the top photo to learn the basics….then we were supposed to “make it our own”.  We learned how to export an AI file to create a JPEG file so that it could be opened in Adobe Photoshop.  First to make it my own…while still in Illustrator…I changed the red background to a patterned “paper”, and changed the color of the balloons.  I then exported the AI file as a JPEG and further tweaked my file in Photoshop by adding drop shadows and flourishes with brushes that I created myself.  Then I stroked(outlined) the flourishes to give it a finished look.  I like the final product(bottom photo)….but I think I would have chosen different background “paper” to start with; there weren’t that many choices in Illustrator. 


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